Welcome Dr. Yanling Li ​from Inner Mongolia Normal University to be Committee Member!

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Dr. Yanling Li, from Department of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Inner Mongolia Normal University, China

Research Area:

Natural language processing, spoken language understanding

Research Experience:

2018  Visiting scholar, University of Montreal, Canada.
2010-2014 PHD in Signal and Information Processing, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Acoustics.
2001-2004 Master’s degree in Communication and Information System, Soochow University, China.
1997-2001 Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering, Inner Mongolia University of Technology.

Hosted projects: National Natural Science Foundation of China, Nos. 61562068, 61806103. Natural Science Foundation of Inner Mongolia, No.2015MS0629. 
I published more than ten papers on some special journals and internal conferences.